Clip from a short film by John Morgan and Michael Harvey


Introduction to a film screening at X Marks the Boekship, 2012:
‘Apologies for not being here, but I have nothing to say… and have asked somebody else to say it. They have a French Swiss accent – saying nothing with a French Swiss accent always sounds better.

I made this short film called “Blank Dummy” with a friend Michael Harvey. Initially it was an excuse to make a poster, which I still haven’t made…

It’s a re-enactment of a meeting I had with a publisher and production team. This is how it really happened, all true, though you may find the ending unbelievable. It really did happen just as this film. By making this film, I wouldn’t need to tell the story again. My intention was to cast a young beautiful boy as myself, sadly the actor who turned up didn’t correspond to his photograph or the image of myself. So we see here the ritual abuse and “reading” of a blank book.’

The film will be shown in full here soon.