By Franz Kafka

Art by David Musgrave

Four Corners Books

205 × 145 mm, 84 pp



Nominated for Design Museum Designs of Year 2011.
The third book in the Four Corners Familiars series.

‘There are few books that come my way that actually consider to be little works of art, but in this month’s instalment we have one. As a book it conveys something fine and special, and it does so in a gracefully unassuming and quietly proud way. I’m still completely in awe of my copy, months after first finding it. I think I always will be. In the bookmaker’s art, this volume balances perfectly two very different qualities. On the one hand we have really old-school craft, look and feel: from a distance it appears to have no discernible cover design and could easily be a sobering bound pamphlet from the world of Edwardian civil engineering. That impression stays with you through first touch, but then the surprises begin and we enter very contemporary territory. The first impression was not wrong, but new and added layers come forth: there is cover design, a matt black-on-black embossed cover with hyphenated (read: disjointed) lettering; all a good visual precursor to Kafka and the life you are about to read about.’ (Hugo, Grafik magazine, June 2009). Read full review here.