Graphic identity, stationery, printed matter, website

Programming by Studio Scasascia


‘The project developed out of a series of conversations between John Morgan and DRDH, through which common interests and sensibilities were framed. The first discussions were around the idea of identity itself. Our collective concern was to express the developing character and personality of the practice, rather than to overlay it with a motif. The intention was to embody the attitude of DRDH to architecture and its making – considering structure, form, material and context as conditions that might equally shape graphical and architectural practice.

The new website is established in the relationship between two parallel systems: Work and Words. These two universes condition the potential infinity of electronic space within which two further ordering mechanisms, Index and Atlas [with reference to Gerhard Richter] structure content. These structures are navigated through the emerging possibilities for physical movement, via a track pad or a touch sensitive screen. Relationships between things are allowed to become intuitive and dynamic rather than static. Images are optimised to the possibilities and scale of a screen. Titles are minimised and clarified.

The development of a graphic identity has allowed us to develop our identity as a practice. Architects are singularly reliant on the structuring and representation of ideas through graphical means, in order to communicate the messy, brutal and infinitely complex processes of making a building. This process has offered us a singular opportunity to reflect upon and discuss such matters and to refine and clarify our responses.’ (Daniel Rosbottom, Developing an identity, DRDH journal, 17 May 2012)