Words by Joseph Conrad

A Work by Fiona Banner

with photographs by Paolo Pellegrin

Four Corners Books

Co-published with The Vanity Press

325 × 245mm, 312 pp


The twelfth volume in the Four Corners Familiars series – where artists create a new edition of a classic novel – is Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness.

‘In 2012, Fiona Banner was invited to create an exhibition of works drawn from the Archive of Modern Conflict, a London-based collection of photographs and ephemera relating to war and conflict. After much time delving into the archive, Banner observed a lack of images relating to conflict in the here and now. In a reversal of roles, Banner commissioned Paolo Pellegrin, a Magnum conflict photographer who has worked extensively in the Congo, to observe the City of London – its streets and trading floors, its costume and surrounding strip-clubs – through Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. The resulting photographs were first exhibited at Peer, London under the title Mistah Kurtz – He Not Dead.’ (Four Corners Books)