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‘“The history of science is part of the history of the freedom to observe, to reflect, to experiment, to record, and to bear witness. It has been a perilous and a passionate history indeed, and not yet ended.”
Alan Gregg, from the Preface to Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,
Alfred C Kinsey, 1948

This exhibition provides a brief introduction to sexology – the study and classification of human sexuality. Presenting examples from the last 150 years it considers the different methods of some of the researchers, activists and campaigners who adopted a scientific approach to the study of sex. Whether motivated by the desire to cure ‘perversions’, liberate repressed desires or track disease, these individuals attempted to lift the perceived taboo on the discussion of sex and present it as a legitimate topic for enquiry. The questions they raised, sometimes at great risk to themselves, are still fuelling the debates taking place today.’

The exhibition runs from the 20th November 2014 to the 20th September 2015