Tabloid, 24 pp 

Poster 841 × 594 mm


The Invisible University imagines public space as an electronic surface enclosing the globe. This approach is described as New Pastoralism in order to evoke a setting for creative action about technology and nature.

The Invisible University responds to a specific set of conditions affecting design education. The traditional expectations, structures and infrastructures of a design education have to change with respect to current conditions, specifically: the proliferation of mobile and wireless technology, cheap air travel, overpriced rental accommodation in the UK, a growing global energy crisis and slow deployment of robotics.

The Invisible University exists anywhere, anytime and for as long as you need it to last. The Invisible University exists only in relation to time and the recording of it, as a demonstration of how technology in all its forms can simultaneously connect people with past, present and future natural and unnatural environments.

The poster prospectus (some pages of which are published here) presents network listings for current Invisible University departments established since 2003. All staff are researchers and determine and coordinate their own timetables.

The IU has no fixed administration.

The Invisible University continues to be explored and developed by David Greene with Samantha Hardingham at the Research Centre for Experimental Practice (EXP), University of Westminster. The project is currently researching a new model for design education.

Newspaper: All IU Departments; President: David Greene; Protagonist: Samantha Hardingham; Graphic design: John Morgan studio; Poster text: David Greene