A film by John Morgan and Dirk Herzog

19 mins



Julie takes its title from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s epistolary novel ‘Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloise’. In Rousseau’s romantic novel ‘Julie’, his young hero makes an archetypal move from the country to the city. From the depths of the city he writes to his love Julie and conveys his wonder and dread about life in the ‘whirlwind’. He longs for something solid to cling to. So here we move forward a few hundred years and follow a design student traveling from Basildon, Essex, to London to show his portfolio. How do you work as a designer in this time where ‘all that is solid melts into air’? How are you supposed to live and move in the whirlwind? This film made with Dirk Herzog gives a snapshot of working in London and captures some of the mood of this time. Morgan first showed the film in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in 2006.