William Firebrace

AA Publications

225 × 140 mm, 248 pp


Each of the seven chapters (in reference to the seven hills surrounding Marseille and the seven seas to the south) uses one of the seven Roger Excoffon (a Marseillais) typefaces: Chambord, Banco, Mistral, Choc, Diane, Calypso and Antique Olive.

‘The phrase fascinating urban history sounds like either an oxymoron or the marketing copy kiss of death, but William Firebrace has succeeded in writing exactly this in Marseille Mix, a relentlessly intriguing book about this relentlessly intriguing city. Firebrace has an impressive knowledge of the city’s history, its architecture, its varying populations, its politics, as well as its depictions in literature, film, and the popular imagination … Like all the AA’s books, Marseille Mix is handsomely designed and produced and, although unillustrated, as illuminating a picture of any city as you're likely to read.’ (Kevin Lippert, Princeton Architectural Press, Assembly Journal)