Artwork by Eduardo Paolozzi

With an essay by David Brittain

Four Corners Books

240 × 170 mm, 108 pp


‘Although their Paolozzi book will reproduce existing work, it will make a fresh interpretation of it by taking a leaf out of Paolozzi’s own working methods. Morgan’s approach to the design of the book could be described as structural rather than visual. Original Paolozzi spreads are re-created full-size (the book has the same dimensions as an issue of Ambit magazine) as sections from the original magazines. Thus stray pages of editorial and advertising that were published adjacent to Paolozzi’s spreads also appear in the book. Individual Ambit covers relating to the issue in which each episode originally appeared are used as dividers. The reader finds snatches of poetry, a contents page or a printer’s advertisement bumping up against Paolozzi’s work in much the same way as collaged elements collide within his work. Four Corners’ book project aims to let Paolozzi’s works stand as they are with relatively little intervention, thus even the added written content (an essay contextualising the work by David Brittain) remains a separate booklet. It is held together with the main content of the book by a neon pink plastic dust jacket. inspired by Paolozzi’s Moonstrips Empire News, a 1967 portfolio of screenprints housed in a pink acrylic box.’ (Angharad Lewis, ‘Opening Ambit’, Grafik 170, 2009)