Design of graphic identity, printed exhibition materials, website and exterior signs since Raven Row gallery opened


In 2009 we created a system in which a new sign was produced for each exhibition. An image of this single artwork was used for invitations, advertisements and online. The 19 signs were produced using various techniques including sign-painting, silkscreen printing, traffolyte engraving, perspex-moulding and chalk drawing. In 2013 we manufactured a permanent cast-iron exterior sign. Each exhibition has its own project page on this site – follow the links in the related projects menu (the archive of signs can also be seen in the past exhibitions index on the Raven Row website). The Raven Row website programming is by Studio Scasascia.

‘London’s jaw-droppingly elegant new space’ (Adrian Searle, the Guardian)

‘Raven Row is a non-profit contemporary art exhibition centre in Spitalfields that is open free to the public, Wednesdays to Sundays. It has been constructed within eighteenth-century domestic rooms, onto which 6a architects have added two contemporary galleries, and it stands on the part of Artillery Lane that was known as Raven Row until 1895.’ (Raven Row)