Thomas Bayrle, Ann Lislegaard
and Ultra-red 

‘Social and psychological realities are abstracted in different ways by the artists brought together for this exhibition. Works have been produced through a process analogous to elasticising – stretching, squeezing and transforming. The collective Ultra-red draws sound out of political struggles, while Ann Lislegaard compresses the soundtracks of science fiction films, and Thomas Bayrle models molecular structure from highway systems.’ (Raven Row)

We designed a lightweight handout/text for an essay by Lars Bang Larsen: ‘Elasticity: On Nervousness and Vibration’, and produced a series of letterpress printed posters for the Ultra-red School of Echoes (the design informed by the Gallimard Blanche series).

Ultra-red School of Echoes
‘As the first official artists in residency at Raven Row, the international art collective Ultra-red have conducted a five-session workshop on sound art and activism. The sixteen participants in the workshop – billed the Raven Row Sessions of the School of Echoes – came from a wide range of backgrounds as artists, musicians, political organisers, activists, and students. From session to session, the sixteen participants developed a series of critical terms rooted in their own experiences. Terms like “community transformation”, “crisis” and “composition” were explored through site-specific listening, recording, and composing at three locations in London.’ (Raven Row)